Southern Handmade Knife Show

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Anvil Head

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Here's a chance to pick up that special one of a kind gift. Will feature some of the best custom makers in the SE. Simple one day show, easy access, free parking and free admission. This is our third show at Jaemor's and the house stays packed all day. There will hopefully be some forging demos weather permitting for those interested and Jaemor's will be open for business as well. Come see us.
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Understood, we get the facility when we can get it. Most all us knifemakers are hunters/fishermen, so there is a lot of mumbling when the date gets set. Only so many days in the year.
Shoot 'em early then come get a new blade to test out. We had a guy come by with one in the truck year before last. Had to make a decision quick while it was still cold outside....been a good customer ever since. Has even taken a class to learn how to forge his own blades.
Was telling a friend about this and he asked if anyone would have custom butcher and or fish filleting knives. Told him likely so but was unsure. Could anyone provide more info?