Southern Iowa farms

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Received a couple of messages inquiring about bowhunting the property. Landowner is doing away with bowhunting due to some really big deer being wounded an not found or found well after the fact. Below is one shot by bow hunter that wasn’t found till much later in the 400 acre farm from a few years back.
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The muzzleloader hunt can be drawn every other year. So this is something that could be done long term. Blinds an gear can be stored in the basement for future hunts. Great opportunity to hunt southern Iowa every other year for a little more than what lodging would cost an less than half of what outfitters in this area charge. Especially considering you can hunt a full 8 days if you choose to

Jim Boyd

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Yes, good looking farm.

Great opportunity for someone.

I am hoping to be in zone 5 the first week of November.