Southern Steel you hunting Heard this weekend?

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I should be down sometime this evening.

According to your moon chart, when & where should we hunt this weekend?... ::huh:
I am going over to Hancock County to give it another try to catch the rut. If I see no rut action over in Hancock County I will be down in Heard County starting Wednesday. I will have to get back with you on the moon guide as I cannot remember it and it is at home. I know that starting Wednesday it is a favorable moon position at the right times. If the rut is on the moon will not matter. :shoot:
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Good luck down in Hancock. They should be wide open down there this weekend.

I think the rut in Heard is still a couple of weeks or so away, at least in our area. We'll see soon.

I got's to get me one of those moon dials... :bounce: It's just a little late in the season to worry about ordering one now.
I will call you about 6pm with the info if you will still be at home. Oh yea I got your other number as well.



Hancock is still in "FULL RUT".....

Or at least where I'm at anyways......

That buddy of mine shot a good 8-pointer on Tuesday evening......

I saw 3 shooters on Thursday and Friday that were in "HOT PURSUIT" of them thar does..... :clap: :clap: