southern words

"Sorry to hear about your son in law.....heres some baked beans. We would come in but Wal Mart closes at 9:00. And, if were goin to that funeral, we need something nice to wear."


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We always went to 'the show' if we were going to see a movie.

And a new one on me as I spend more time in Northeast Ga.
LOAFER...I think I am just going to loafer today....(as in goof off)
I thought it was just one person using it but I hear it more & more up there.
Used like this where I grew up,

You gonna get anything done today or just loaf around.
YUNS as in "yuns goin' huntin'?
and you from Georgia or learn quick when you know it is "Decab" county
"Lie-thonia" ga
and them onions is "Vy-day-yuh"


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I keep hearin about painters round here, some say they tis, some say they tisnt.
For a little bit of something: a taddick or a scosh.
Co Worker says this.

Me: So how are you doing?

Her: Just hanging in there like a hair on a biscuit.
A feller I used to work with, if you thanked him for something, he'd say, "You're as welcome as a hair in a biscuit."