Speaking of Birds

I just recently got rid of 3 bird feeders. I didn't mind spending the $ for the show but got sick of shooting dang squirrels off of em. Only feeding hummingbirds and goldfinches at the moment.


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The Gold Finches are here in great numbers. Going to miss them this winter.
Question, have you ever been nose to nose with a hummingbird??
Since they sliced up my hip, been spending a lot of time on the deck next to the Hummers. Had one this PM, come up and get right in my face. Would love to try to hand feed one. Heard of people doing it. But, I don't know how.
Just keepin the thread alive guys.
My brothers exwife would take a red top from a 2 liter bottle,put sugar water in it and stand still next to the feeder and they'd drink out of it. Had some video at one time.


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I also love watching the birds and squirrels from my recliner on the back porch , I buy sunflower seed 50 lbs at a time from tractor supply .
Maybe you know the name of the bird that will go down a tree head first,,,,has some blue on it,,,,couldn't find it in our Nat Geo bird book,,,,
Nuthatches will go down a tree head first. Maybe a brown headed Nuthatch.
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Sit out next to your Feeder with a brite colored hat on and the Hummingbirds will dive bomb your head all day.
Use to fish Valciedo Lake in Durango Colorado and you could not sit outside with a flower colored hat on.. they'd drive you crazy.