Speaking of retirement, what about Eufaula

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It seems it would be nice on the lake and no really large cities close by flocking with people although I haven't been there is some years. Any pros and cons to living there?


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Love the lake and area. I just ain't into 50-50 diversity, so that's my issue, but I did check it out.

Country diversity is nothing like city expansion diversity, but when the city made you uproot twice already it tends to be on the front burner.

We have a place in Hancock, so I know the difference and respect it, just too many scars to retire in that situation

We stopped at barbs country kitchen this time thru I think is there or Dothan. Laid back towns there are.
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I live on a 25,000 acre lake now and we have gators, I've lived here for 30 years and there's never been a gator attack in this time. We do have 10-15 drunks drown or get killed in boats crashes per year but no gator attacks


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I'm on Sinclair and like the Milledgeville area but Eufaula is a awesome lake but not sure about the city .


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You'll love retirement around your household and on thr lake at Eufaula. You'll not like you trips to town for groceries and what/nots, our out to eat. Then again, the "unlikeables" make it affordable.


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quiet area to retire, nice lake, but like dixiecutter mentioned, I don't think you would enjoy the scene around town in that area.
I would look into the rules of property ownership on a Army Corp lake vs a Georgia Power lake if I was buying lakefront property.

We used to go to Fort Gaines and camp at the Cotton Hill Campground.