Speeding Ticket

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Heading through Mitchell County a couple weeks ago I was daydreaming and missed the speed drop coming into Pelham from 65 to 55 to 45. Got stopped for 62 in a 45. So aggravating as I never speed. Just wasn't paying attention. No excuse. Question is, I'm licensed in Florida. The $246 fine is the fine, but is there anything I can do to avoid points on my license?
Only thing you can try is to call the court and ask if they'll be willing to waive the points if you pay the fine. I've seen that work sometimes.

Tne oourt can't waive the points. The points are assessed by the state based on the charge. You will need to check with Fl. on the point structure. What the court can do is change the charge to "less than 10 over" but you pay the same fine. All they care about is the money, so as long as you pay the same thing, they don't care.
Your money is all they care about...not ruining your MVR. There are no points accrued for <14 over the posted speed limit in GA. What the court usually does when you ask for leniency is enters a speed of less than 14mph over. They don't process/advance the violation to the state, which means it never shows up on your record.

This usually only works if your current MVR is clean. I wouldn't expect this 'favor' if you're already sporting some moving violations...especially previous speeding tickets.