Spike Bucks to shoot or not

Mature spikes are extremely rare. They exist, but very few people have seen one, much less killed one. 99% of the people who kill a spike they call a cull buck are just making up an excuse to kill a young deer. If you want to kill a spike, kill a spike, but don't try to justify it by saying it was a cull buck. The 1% of guys who actually kill a mature spike don't have to try to justify because the deer looks old and the spikes typically look like they were grown by a billy goat. There is another thread on here about spike where someone posted a picture of an old spike if you want to see what one actually looks like.
I seen a crab claw spike once that had massive 22 inch main beams. No brows or broken points just tiny matching claws and perfect BEAMS. Dream buck of mine that I’ll never forget. I would have mounted him in a heartbeat.
The problem was I had just shot both the bucks in front of him and let the doe walk in front of them. I was on a mission and set out prepared solely for meat hunting. It was nov 11 one year. The age class just kept rising that day. Slow chasing the lone doe with distance and time in between each. It was painful to see that last buck walk on by.