Spots on triplets

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We have a doe who drops triplets each year. I think her pics are kinda cool. This is the first time I've noticed two of them lose their spots much faster than the third. Is there some correlation to sex and how long they keep their spots? I've always wondered the ratio of males/females she has. 00000003.JPG 00000004.JPG 00000005.JPG


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In General in nature fawns are born at a 1 to 1 ratio. She could have 3 buck fawns or 3 doe fawns or any combination of bucks and does. The one holding its spots appears to have a knot above its eye indicating a buck fawn. I've never read anything about determining the sex by there spots though. Healthy moma and baby's

Jim Boyd

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Great pics!

Those could be the trophies we hunt in 3-4 years!