Spring Creek - Gordon County

Good pics. I am also still getting some descent trail cam pics from Spring Creek....mostly at night. Hope to catch a bruiser out cruising this week. I killed a respectable 9 ptr there last year 1st week of December.
Spring Creek Rut

Saw a nice 8 before season started. Cousin shot this 6 pointer on 11/5. I saw a nice 6 or 7 at least before Thanksgiving (no shot). I shot a doe on 11/26 that had a buck about 5 min behind her (no shot again). Same cousin saw an 8 pointer, no shot. Did see some nice new scrapes near all that action about 2 weeks ago, but nothing since. Only two 6 pointers and 3 does checked out since the beginning on the check station I go by.


Saw 8 does yesterday. Decided to put one more in the freezer before the season is over. The checkout sheet at my gate is a little low. 7 does and 3 bucks (Two 6's & a 4 pt).
Trees down

Went this morning. Noticed quite a few trees down from the storm last night. At 9:30 I was winded by a herd on the ridge down wind from me. All I saw was 6 or 7 white tails up in the air going over the ridge before I knew what was happening. Hard to hear this morning. Rain water washing down the gulley was too loud to hear anything.:banginghe


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hey guys im getting on the club in the next couple weeks and live in sonoraville 5 mins from it. my father and brother in law have been on it for few years. If yall plan on doing any food plots or anything hollar at me if you need help. i might go turkey hunting a time or two.
Membership openings

I live in Pickens County and I am wondering if there are any openings in the Spring Creek Club. I spoke to a member this week end and he said he thought that there were some openings, but he couldn't remember who I would have to contact. Can anyone help me?


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call randall mulkey. dont know phone number off top of my head but he is in the gordon county phone book. mt olive rd is address. dont know if the deadline is up thinking it is.


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Here. newbie but been scouting. Dang there are stands everywhere. Ive walked atleast a 1/4th of it and only found one spot where there isnt a stand that looks decent.


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both but mainly on the lake side. Alot of the parts on the dump side i cant drive bc 2wd but have walked some of it. My father inlaw and brother in law have been on it for a while
We hunt over on the dump side. It gets a little slippery that's for sure but I'm trying to find some new places on there cause we picked up some new land this year and I wanna check it all out