Springfield 1911 Lubricant Question

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This has gotta be is a pretty basic or elementary question for members of this forum but here goes anyway.

I have a Springfield Stainless 1911 Range Officer and would appreciate recommendations for the best lubricants or greases to use after cleaning? I understand that a lubricant is much more important with the 1911 vs a Glock. So I wanna use the best. I keep reading a lot of info on the internet. Recommendations are all over the map and confusing.

Thanks for your help!


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You're probably going to get a dozen different answers, but I'll throw one out there that's been around a while, Gunslick , it has been around forever, comes in a small silver tube, its a graphite lubricant, I especially like to use it on new pistols, it seems to help them break in, there are plenty of new Teflon/dry/wet/gel/various other lubricants out there, but everytime I've cleaned someone elses pistol and put Gunslick on the contact points, they always say how much smoother it cycles.


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Like transfixer said, there is a multitude of things you can use. Good ol' Hoppes gun oil, Gunslick, Frog Lube, 10w30 motor oil(new of course), Kroil... the list goes on. I've tried using a grease, but I find it attracts much more dirt and carbon than an oil will.

Keep her lubed with SOMETHING and it will run. Those range officers are nice pistols.