Squirrels and Squirrels

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Anyone need some squirrel property in Dawson County?
600, plus acres after Deer season.

Not my choice, with the Deer Season, it is what it is , after January 13, I would like to tag along with some Kids, Dogs, or some still hunters.

Dogs, and Kids is what this would be .

Have a camp shack with wood heat,BBQ Pits, Stove,propane, shelter for all.

I'm willing to be able for whatever days.

Pine Floor
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I have a couple kids and a young squirrel dog. What would it cost to let them come shoot a few squirrels?
Melvin4730, besides the fuel for you getting to the club and maybe some food, snacks for your kids, yourself and the dog that's all.

No charge for the hunt.

I can put some burgers and hotdogs on the grill for a midday lunch.


mizzippi jb

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Pine floor....if you ever want to come down my way to hunt with my dogs and a couple of kids hit me up. Coweta, Harris, heard co.