St. Mary's Friday and Sunday

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My buddy Wendell and I went to St. Mary's Friday morning (100 miles from my driveway to the ramp) and managed to get live shrimp and mud minnows, then find some fish. We fished the last couple hours of incoming and first couple of outgoing. We fished baits that were Carolina rigged and pulled slowly across the bottom. It was best day I'd ever had for keeper trout there. We kept 13 trout, 8 whiting, 4 croakers, 3 flounder, and 2 pompano. We were eating at St. Mary's seafood at 2:50 pm. Tidal movement that day was about 7 feet.

I asked my son, Jacob, if he wanted to go fishing a week or so ago and he said yes. We got on the water a little later than I'd like on Father's day and couldn't get any live mud minnows so we settled for 2 quarts of live shrimp. It took a while, but we managed to find a few yesterday as well. We fished from about 2 hours after dead low until about an hour after the tide was running out again. We had 14 trout - my NEW best day ever for keepers over there - 4 flounder, 4 whiting, and 3 croakers. We probably threw back over a dozen short trout, numerous lady fish and jack cravelle, and I caught one of the largest stingrays I've ever hooked on light tackle. We caught all fish using the Carolina rig technique with the exception of 2 keeper trout and 1 flounder. It was a good Father's Day to say the least. I noticed Jake's picture is reversed as he was using Snap Chat to share the photos. Same boat...same trolling motor. Just looks like it's moved. Tidal movement was about 6.2 ft.
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Awesome haul!!! Any secrets you want to give up about the pompano?
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I wish I could say I targeted the pompano. They were incidental catches. Both came on live shrimp. That's the wealth of my knowledge on how to catch them. LOL