Stacey Abrams to forego 2020 presidential bid, will focus on voting rights

When this overfed, gap toothed, cow says, "voting rights" all I see are the boxes of "absentee" and "mail in" ballots her gang started dragging into county offices the day after the last election. I would prefer a system that makes election fraud an automatic death penalty crime that is applied to all convicted participants and the candidate!


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She is fighting for the right of dead people and illegals to vote and for the right of vote harvesters to go into nursing homes and dupe those who don't have the facilities to make such a decision.
She is just a loud mouth race baiting bigot, no more no less, she will ride the non-profit train till it runs out of track. Then she will become a TV preacher so she can scrape even more money from the dumb masses.


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Latest (today) she's proclaimed she'd be honored to be someone's VP candidate.