Starting on coon

Hunting them with good trained dogs is the best way.
This is how my great uncle did it. He said when that coon got the dog by the nose, and it will....will determine if its fit to train any farther.
Like dad used to say about the two kinds of bear dog pups-the first time you stick its nose in a fresh bear track, it'll either growl and head out after it wide open, or crap on itself and try to run backwards through its collar. :bounce:
I prefer to get them treeing first on squirrel. Then I put out 3-4 tire feeders. I like a tire with the wheel still in it. Lay the tire on its side and cut 4 square holes in it around 2 X 6 inches long. Fill it with corn, put a couple packs of grape Koop aid in it and fill it up with water. Walk the pup to it until they start taking off to it on their own. Start letting them go to it on their own when you cut them loose and they will most likely start casting. After they start treeing a few feeder coons, pull the feeders and hunt them in the big woods. You best hunt them one at a time untill they get going real good. I usually cut a sapling a couple feet high to use as a stake. Throw the tire over the sapling or the coon will flip it or drag it off. Put your feeders near a creek and I like them around 100 yards from where I can park the truck. You can make several drops that way and get them used to casting from the truck. Or you can walk hunt them if you prefer. If you have coons, you can have a lot of fun. Them pups ain't big enuff or old enuff to be fighting a coon yet. Tie them and knock the coon out dead before you let them in on it.