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Some are still pushing it as far as they can. The reason rules have to be tightened is because of people like you, and you know who you are.


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Food Plot Question

I know its a little late for a food plot, but I haven't had anytime to do anything. Any suggestions as far as what to plant in the next couple of days? I would like to have something there, I hunt in an area surrounded with acorns and have a open spot with alot of sunshine and when it rains, this area will get enough of it. I would like something that can grow and attract and keep the deer. Please help
Tom, most seed companies say you can plant Spring plots up until the end of May. With rain coming towards the weekend it should be fine if you can plant this week. I use Pennington's and have good success even with late plantings. PH, fertlizer and rain are key. Goos Luck.....RW


With archery season fixin` to start, this is a good time read this again.
Don't forget guys, you can't criticize folks for shooting small bucks even though they say they only want the meat but let does walk.

Good thing this thread got bumped. Don't forget.
Thanks Handgunner and the other Mods Some people just try to take the fun out of other's success. I think ya'll do a great job!


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