Steinhatchee 3/12-13

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Taking a break from Missouri to run a project in Tifton was a brilliant idea since that gave me time to throw together a quick flats fishing trip. So while cotton attempted to germinate on a temperature gradient table, we fished. We ended up getting to the hatch around 2 after I manged to run a cat to the vet and collect my cotton data that morning and it was quite a foggy day. But, regardless we were there to fish and we pulled up on spot #1 and bam my first cast was a decent short trout so we had high hopes:

Well after catching some shorts, I prepared to start the drift over to find someone already sitting over spot #1, so no biog deal, its a big ocean, on to spot #2, and that was a wise decision as we spent the next hour and a half slamming the trout, one of my co fishers swears we caught 300 trout but he had been into the PBR. Regardless it was fun and I managed to also catch a rather sporty ladyfish and a remora mixed in with the trout along with us picking up a sand trout and a bluefish. It was very foggy and the only ray of sunshine came through one little hole in the fog. Poor little bird had to rest on the trolling motor since he was lost in the fog and stayed with us until the next hookset. Ended the day with 11 keeper trout since we released anything that wasn't over 15 by a decent margin while also proving that the iphone in the bunch did not have the best camera. At dinner at Fiddlers and stayed there as well, our neighbors unfortunately had a brand new yeti stolen from the back of their truck while at seahag, hopefully the thieves get their due, someone also lost several combos from the bed of their truck from Crabbie Daddies as well.

Day 2 was a different ballgame altogether, as usual the weatherman was wrong, the dense fog advisory was pointless as it was worse the day before and the wind forecast was way off. 5-10 from shore was the forecast and it was more like 20 but it was a beautiful day on the water. The fog burned off a little after 9 and bright sunshine was all around, we caught 6 shorts on day 2 all within 5 minutes of one another before the wind changed direction and we were drifting very quickly without a drift sock. But no complaints after the fishing of the day before and we called it a day at 11 to grab lunch at Roy's before heading back for me to collect cotton data before 5. Water temps were 70F on Monday at spot 1, spot 2 was 72F, depth 3.5-4ft any deeper meant no bites, shallower meant fewer bites and 10in trout. Tuesday the water temps were 69-70F, south of the river both days.