Still no big buck for me! YET!!!!

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I took my 23 year old nephew hunting with me Sunday, the 14th. He has never killed a deer. I have killed 5 does this year and I was not going to shoot anything unlessa pair of bucks walked out.

Well, he was supposed to me at 5:30am Sunday but he called and said he overslept. I started to say just stay in bed, I will go by myself. HOwever, he has never killeda deer as I stated and I wanted him to have a shot, literally. I have a HONEY HOLE let me tell ya. I figured we would at least see some does. Well He gets there at 6:30. We get to the spot and load our weapons for the entrance. By this time it is 6:45. We have to walk about 200 yds across a field and down into the woods about 60 yda to get in my 2 seater ladder stand. I was going to put him there by himself and I was going to another area. Where this stand is, I have seen about 30 deer so far. Well, we get seated at about 7:00. I am telling him where I have seen the deer, and what to look for and so forth. About 7:40 I hear acorns popping but see no deer. Then all of a sudden there steps out a buck. He looks at least like a six pointer. He has a big body. I spot him and tell him there's a deer. He said you're lieing. I said OK and shouldered my rifle. I lost him beind a tree but he could see him. HE said, I only have one shot and it is in the stomach. I said wait a minute he we will move. He was headed right to the spot where we came in and I knew if got there that he could pickup our scent. FInally I saw him again and I said get him or I will. Then, he goes boom! The deer runs and we lose sight of him. I asked him if he got him and he said I think I got him in the shoulder. I said we will give him an hour and we will go down to look for blood. Well to make a long story short, he drilled the 8 pointer of about 180 lbs right behind the shoulder and it exited out the neck. He was tore up when we walked up on him after a tracking of about 70 yards! I made him gut him and he is getting this one mounted!

It was a nice one! Symmetrical, big bodied, and a nice rack. I have not shot one that even comes close! He's ruined now! He's begging me to take him back this weekend!

As soon as I can I will post a 'pic!


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Thanks for sharing. I'm glad your nephew got a buck. :clap: :clap: