Stone structure question.

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Another member pointed out an old stone wall looking structure the other day and after looking at it I had a few questions. First the walls are stacked flat rocks that obviously were brought up on the hill as it sits up toward the top of a sloping hill. What reason(s) for not building closer to where the actual rocks came from instead of toting them? Looks as though half of the wall has fallen whats left it about 3-4 feet, is this normal and they built up from there with wood or did they usually go higher with stacked stone as the walls of what I assume was once a living quarter. You can still see small remains of mud underneath each laid rock. Was this literally mud they used or a mixture of something. In polk county will get pictures next time I go. Thanks for any info, was trying to picture it while looking at it and it has me confused. Where it sits makes little sense based on the land today and how hard it would have been to get out of there terrain wise.