Stonefly Nymphs

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I'd like to weight one of them down and drift it through the "Brown Hole" on Hazel Creek.
Them already got enough tungsten and lead in them to sink a fairly lively body. :bounce: Such as you describe is exactly what is in store for those.
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What hook did you tie them on?
The Kevin's Stone is tied on a #10 Orvis curved Klinkhammer hook. The realistic one is tied on a super-long Lightning Strike bent shank stonefly hook, #10.

Anvil Head

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Almost eat them right out of dabox!
I like to add so much weight they splash when they hit. Its like the dinner bell to trout.


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Lookin great! The legs look like you pulled 'em off a grass hopper.
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Great job. What did you use for the head with eyes? Is that some sort of weight?
They're tungsten nymph heads you can buy. I think the brand is Nymph Head Evolution stonefly heads.