Stopping arrows from going under leaves/grass?

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Hi all,

I started shooting last year with a trad archery club that shoots 3D targets. My first time out I lost two expensive arrows because I missed the target and they slid under the brush.

We can’t use any points that would tear up the targets (so no judo points) so I’m wondering if you guys have ever encountered a solution to this (other than comments like “practice more”)? Any small mods to the arrow point to be a usable arrow for the targets but not slip under the brush if missing?



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Nothing will help that won't tear up the targets so just go along with us who have been doing this for 30 years and just accept the fact you will lose some. Along time ago when I first started I was losing them regularly I ask Dan Q. Who got me started and he said that's why I sell them buy the dozen!!!!
Find a better method of aiming, gap shoot, point of aim, but when we misjudge distance, I lose expensive arrows, like said before, part of it.


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I like Dendy's suggestion. If TBG has the money I think a metal detector would be a wise investment for shoots. About the cost of one foam target?
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Thanks everybody. These are great suggestions (mostly! ;) ).
2 feathers of each arrow are now orange and I've got a metal detector lined up to borrow on shooting days. In-between now and then I bought a small bag target and I will do my best to improve my game.