Stories ya probably shouldn't tell


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Here is one of mine. I went hunting with a friend one morning and shot a nice 8 point and we drug him to truck and loaded him up. On the way to processor, I look in rear view mirror and this buck is standing up and staring at me. I slam on the brakes and we get out and my buddy grabs deer by the horns and tries to twist his neck while i look for a knife to finish him off. Well that deer jerks and fights causing some serious bruising up and down my friend. We finally find a knife and stab the deer a few times in the neck and he goes down again. We continue on to the processor and when we arrive a bunch of people are admiring a monster buck that was killed earlier that morning. We get out and look at the big buck when we hear a kid say "Look, Dad. they brought one in alive!" I look around and sure enough my buck is standing up in the bed of my truck again. The processor hands me a knife and says to quit messing around and kill that deer. I take the knife over and start to stab him and I realize the knife is a filet knife and the blade just bends every time I try to stab the buck. Well I finally get the deer's throat sliced and he finally dies. That was one of the craziest deer I have ever encountered.