Strange find

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I was rabbit hunting in Oglethorpe Co today and came across a very strange structure. It was made of grass and resembled a pup tent. Small sweegum trees were broken off and weaved in the grass. It was open at both ends with a hole just big enough for a beagle. Closest town is Maxey’s and no home within a mile or two. Any ideas? This thing is well made and the four of us are stumped.


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This thing was in a cleared area of broom sage in pines above a big creek bottom. My buddy hunts the land regular and has never seen anything like it. A guy on the neighboring property did see something like it a week or so ago.
I have no clue what makes them but have found several over the years here in North Florida. Weaved out of wire grass and about the size of a house cat where the hole is.
I’d love to see if anyone has an answer on this.
Debris hut. Someone practicing survival skills, as Timberman said.
Could a bird have made it? I saw a nature tv show one time that had a bird building a nest like this to entice a mate.
Birds don't cut sweetgum saplings. It's a debris hut. They're made small on purpose-small holds your body heat in better.
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The survival practice was our original thought but the distance to any homes is far and there are 6 trail cams on the property with no signs of trespassing. The thing is really too small for anyone but a small child too. I would also think a person would cut the saplings instead of breaking. I’ve reached out to several professional biologists and old time woodsman. No answer yet. Hopefully the trail cam works.