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Well, after living in the Atlanta area for almost eight years, I finally get around to Striper fishing for the first time. Why did I wait so long?!?!?!?

My buddy Russ and I booked a trip with Henry Cowen, and we hit it right today. Overcast/light rain, front moving in, very few boats on the water. In short, FANTASTIC!

First fish of the day was this Spot, my first.

It didn't take too long before we were into Stripers. The spin fishermen in the background could only look on in disbelief as we kept taking fish from this pod, while they weren't getting any.

The result. . .

Russ finally got into the game. . .

And this is the guy that was putting the hurt on Russ and his 8 wt. in the previous picture. . . ;)

Russ finally managed to connect. . .

A double on Spots (of course, mine is bigger).

Another Striper. . .

We doubled on Stripers three or four times. . .

Another double, with Russ holding the biggest fish of the day, at 16.5 lbs. Mine is 13.5, but looks quite a bit smaller. Must be an optical illusion. ;)

All in all, a great day. Henry did a great job of putting us on the fish and we had a terrific time. I'm definitely going back!

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