Successful trip in South GA

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Been taking my little cousin, who’s not so little anymore(18) on a week long turkey hunting trip for the last ten years on public land in South GA and it never fails to be a great time!!

First morning out and pumped out of our minds, we pull up to our favorite spot to find a truck already occupying the spot. Pretty unusual since we usually don’t run into too much traffic on the land. Cousin was super bummed and I said, “relax we know this land well enough to get it done elsewhere.” So we drive to our next area and walk quite a bit to where we plan on setting up when I feel a loud thwack on my boot. I immediately reached out to stop my cousin and look down to find a Cottonmouth attached to my snake boots. After snapping a pic and checking my underwear we proceeded on and got setup. Within 5 minutes I let out a few clucks and purrs and one responded immediately and once more on his own two minutes later about 200 yards out. Facing the opposite direction as me, my cousin calls out, TURKEY, TURKEY!! A single tom came running right in to the lone hen decoy at 8:30am with fog still on the ground in the open clear cut, and my cousins shot was dead on as usual. It never get’s old calling them in for him over the years and the high fives and excitement afterwards.

Two days later, Easter morning, we were back at our favorite spot and called in what I’m assuming was the same bird which barely eluded us the evening before. Called him off the field and into the hardwoods where he continued to gobble and spit and drum for about 20 minutes out of range. Finally, slowly closing the gap but moving to my right, I decided it’s now or never. Turned my body as far right as it would go, with my heart in my throat, and luckily the gobbler gave me that extra second to line up my sights, and the rest was history!!

All in all a great trip and good memories with family in the woods!! Hope ya’ll have a great season. FishFF

Bird one: 18lbs, 9 3/4" beard with 1 1/8" spurs.

Bird two: 20lbs, 12" inch beard with 1" spurs.


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Congratulations on the turkeys. Looks like a big snake.


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We grow em big down here!
And the turkeys aint too bad either...

Congrats to you both! 2 in a week on public land is awesome!