Sunday Thoughts - Nov 19, 2017

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Sunday Thoughts- Nov 19,2017
Topic- God is Sovereign
Text- 1 Samuel 1&2

Here in the good old U.S. of A we have a bit of a hard time identifying with sovereignty. Our leaders are elected and that gives us a choice. Our friends in other parts of the world have kings or queens who are over them simply because of their bloodline and the fact that they were born into the position. Often these leaders are referred to as being sovereign.

I serve the one Sovereign, Holy, God. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. My God has always been. He is. He always will be. He answers to no one and His judgement, mercy and grace are totally up to Him.

Today’s lesson focuses on Hannah. Hannah was a barren wife in the early days when having no children (especially) no male child, was a disgrace. She knew her plight and she turned to my Sovereign God for help. She pleaded, begged and prayed for a son. She promised God that she would give her son (Samuel) back to God in service if He would only grant her request. God chose to do so, and Hannah praised Him and held up her part of her commitment. Samuel grew and became a key figure later in the lives of King Saul and later, David.

It was proper and good that Hannah took her problems to God. We all should follow her example. But just because we do that doesn’t mean that He will answer our prayers like we want them answered. He knows best. He sees the whole picture and we don’t. Being sovereign, my God is over all and doesn’t need to explain anything to me. I simply need to trust Him, come what may, and I do. It’s Ok to ask, “Why?” but in the end, we need to trust in the One who has always been and will always be. The God of Abraham and Horace is not a vending machine. He is Holy, and He knows what is best for EVERY situation. He alone is worthy of our allegiance regardless of how He chooses to answer our prayers. My God is Sovereign, and I will trust Him come what may.