Super stakes and performance pups

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Book them now they won't last long. Born last night got a litter of 7. 6 Males 1 female.
Sire is Gld ch nitech Homers Backwater Zed
Dam is my female out of cutter and Hickory nut gold female
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------Skuna River Lipper
----Skuna River Fred
------Racoon Valley Queen
---Medleys Hardwood Homer
------Homer's Gomer
----Racoon Valley Queen
------Alans Little Queen

GCH Nitech Homer's Backwater Zed

------Hard Knockin Stylish Hayes
----Backwater Stroker
------Wilson's Squall
---Scarface Lil
------Stepahead Jake
----Stepahead Sally
------(Finley River Female)

------Balls Stylish Hickory Nut Harry
----Crow & Grants Cutter
------Night Heat Abby
---Browns Water Edge
------Tar Heel Nitro
----Symurnas Nitro Nail
------Wood's Hollow Kate

Godfrey Stylish Molly

------Abbotts Bawling Rebel
----Balls Stylish Hickory Nut Gold
------Diamond T's Fear This
---Redbuds Stylish Hickory Nut Molly
------Yadkin Hillbilly Mac
----Hogan's Hillbilly Missy
------Jeff's Washita River Viper