Sure is slow around here....Post photo's of your favorite ML

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I really like Don's rifles and smoothbores, especially the left hand ones. Pure no nonsense hunting weapons but also very attractive to the eye.
I have been captivated by muzzleloader weapons since I was a tot, and in my mind I never imagined a highly carved rifle but instead I'd close my eyes and see the working man's hunting rifle. Just like the one you got there Steve-ALA.


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Tell us about your guns ky55, they look real interesting from here. I'd just like to know something about them.
Thanks Darkhorse.
From top to bottom, the first, third, fourth, and fifth are all Tip Curtis flinters. I bought them in various stages of completion and did the wood and metal finish on them.
Tip calls it “in the white”.

The second down is a 32 flinter with a L&R lock that a good friend helped me build. He did all the drilling and pinning that I didn’t want to get screwed up, and I did pretty much all the rest.
I’ll post some more details on the Tip guns later today.

Some nice guns on this thread guys!



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Top to bottom:

#1-Colerain 44” swamped 50 cal, large Siler flint, maple stock, brass.
#3-Chambers Roundface flint, 54/28 ga. Colerain 44” smoothbore, maple stock, brass.
#4-Chambers Colonial Virginia flint, maple stock, 20 gauge 38” choked barrel, iron stuff.
#5-Green Mountain 36” in 40 cal, Claro walnut half-stock, small Siler flint, Davis triggers and brass trimmings.

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The second rifle down, the 32 flinter, looks like it would be a dream to carry and shoot. I don't currently have a SMR but I might build one yet.
Very nice powderhorns. Did you make them ky55?
I only have one, it's the only one I've ever had. In 1976 I went down to the local meat plant and asked if they had any cow horns I could have, I left with 2 still on the skull. I cut one off and boiled out the core, scraped it a little and made a butt plug and stopper out of some nice walnut. Years later while turkey hunting a branch caught the leather holding the stopper, yanked it out and sent it flying. Too bad, that was a good piece of wood.
I've carried that horn ever since.