Sure is slow around here....Post photo's of your favorite ML


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The second rifle down, the 32 flinter, looks like it would be a dream to carry and shoot. I don't currently have a SMR but I might build one yet.
Very nice powderhorns. Did you make them ky55?
I only have one, it's the only one I've ever had. In 1976 I went down to the local meat plant and asked if they had any cow horns I could have, I left with 2 still on the skull. I cut one off and boiled out the core, scraped it a little and made a butt plug and stopper out of some nice walnut. Years later while turkey hunting a branch caught the leather holding the stopper, yanked it out and sent it flying. Too bad, that was a good piece of wood.
I've carried that horn ever since.
Yes the 32 is a nice rifle and easy to carry, but I never could get consistent ignition from the Manton lock.
After I got the half-stock 40 on the bottom of the rack, the 32 didn’t see much use. The 40 shot a few good targets at the matches and cracked a bunch of squirrel heads.
No, I didn’t make those horns. They were made by the same gentleman who helped me build the 32. I have a regular horn and a priming horn I made but they are plain.

The 40 is covered up with plunder on the rack. Here are some better pictures:

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Those are nice horns, and the flash hole pick is a nice touch too.


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Those are nice horns, and the flash hole pick is a nice touch too.
Thanks Nic.
The plugs are pretty fancy and the pick is handy.
I braided the little attachments from a waxed cord that looked like artificial sinew.
The only working black powder firearm I've used in 30 years was this Japan-made modern (1970s) functional replica of an 18th century horse pistol.


A few years ago, I was given a dug-up barrel for what I was told by experts was a legitimate 1700's era Southern mountain rifle, originally flintlock and converted to percussion. It was .40 caliber and had a 45" barrel that was a full inch across the flats. Heavy !!! It was too badly rusted to restore. I donated it to the folks at Deercreek Gun Shop in Marietta. I hope they sell it to somebody who wants to restore it, at least enough to be a wall-hanger in the appropriate kind of stock.
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GunnSmokeer, that link isn't working for me, I'd like to see a photo of that barrel.
Kind of old pics but after 30+ years this is still my favorite IMG (800x562).jpg 100_5764 (1024x768).jpg P1020411 (1024x768).jpg DSC_1174 - Copy (924x1024).jpg