Surf Fishing Jekyll Island

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First time doing this and I tried to enbed it as it said in the sticky, So I'll see if it works. If so I hope y'all enjoy it, it was a fun morning surf fishing Jekyll a couple of weekends ago.
Next time you go, you should try the North beach to the right of the pier. Cross the wooden bridge over Clam Creek and follow the path to the beach turn right and go 150-200 yards and set up. The channel swings in by the beach there and you can cast out into deeper water. I've probably caught 60 bull reds in that area over the last year along with blue fish, whiting, flounder, trout, croaker, and sharks, of course. Cut, fresh mullet, shrimp, squid, and blue crab all work for bait.
If you're more into trout and flounder, the area around the rocks at the pier parking lot produce well, around the tide changes. Whiting black drum, red drum, and croaker, along with more sharks can be caught on the north end of the pier on the incoming tide. Balloon a finger mulllet, croaker, small whiting or mullet fillet out about 100 yards or so while whiting fishing and you may tangle with something you aren't equipped to handle. I've had a couple rods broken and lost quite a bit of line on fish I couldn't even turn.
We spend a lot of time at Jekyll fishing and shrimping. It's a great place to fish if you don't have a boat. My wife caught this one off the north end of the pier last year.


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WalkinDead that is one Beautiful stud of a redfish!! I haven’t been lucky enough to catch one there yet, but I know the place you are talking about. Im thinking about taking my kayak there next time and putting out some deep baits to see what I can pull up. I might find more than My reels can handle, but it would be and who knows I get my first bull red!! Thanks so much for all of your advice!! I don’t know much about ballooning, but it sounds interesting. I’ll look it up on YouTube. Thanks again man!! Y’all have a great one!!
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I love surf fishing on Jekyll. Thanks for posting your video!
Ccbiggz, thanks so much for watching and I’m glad you enjoyed it!! It was fun to make. Surf fishing is one of my favorite ways to ocean fish and Jekyll had always been my favorite to fish. I hope to get back down soon and make another video. When I do I’ll post it on here again. I hope you have a great weekend!!