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If you want to join this swap please respond to this thread. I will add you by user name. All skill levels are welcome and no one will judge your work. I've been tyin 30+ years and I ain't all that good.
This swap will be any fly that you love to tie. Big or small saltwater or freshwater.
Flies will be due on June 15th. I will close the sign up period on May 15th. That gives a month to tie.
When each member finishes and is ready to mail, PM me for my address.
All flies will be mailed in a padded mailer with sufficient postage and each package will contain a second self addressed mailer with sufficient postage applied to have it mailed back to you. I am the host. I am not responsible for paying your postage.
All flies packages will be mailed to me with flies in a crush proof container. I suggest an Altoid tin.They are perfect for the job. No plastic dipping sauce containers please. What ever you use, there may be larger flies. Just keep that in mind.
Each participant will tie one fly for each member of the swap. If there are 10 members you would tie 9 flies.
Please name your pattern you are tying before the end. If it is your creation, give it a name.
When I have received all the flies, I will sort them and mail them back to you in the mailer you enclosed in your package. I will edit this thread with "received" next to your user name.
Penalty ,for not following the simple rules, is you may receive only your flies in return. If you must withdraw after joining please address the group of that fact here on this thread. If you need more time for some reason, do the same. If someone withdraws after the sign up period, I will tie a set of flies to replace the withdrawal.

Ok. That's it. Have some fun with this.


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I ain't tied in awhile but I'll give it a go....hope I don't disappoint.
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Ok. Kind of a low participation rate but we will go with it. 6 members so each member will tie 5 flies. Please Review the Rules. I will start a photo thread when flies start arriving here. I will photograph each fly and post them for positive comments only.