Swap & Sell Rules Revised 3/24/10-MUST READ Before Posting

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Swap and Sell Rules - MUST READ before posting.

The Swap and Sell forums were established as an added benefit of this site so that private individuals who are contributing forum members may engage in buying, selling and swapping of personal items. Contributing members are defined as those that are active in more than just the Swap and Sell forums. If you are a business selling inventory please use the Member Services forums. You may not advertise for anyone but yourself.

NOTE: Any member found to be suspect (per management) of trying to use the Swap and Sell forums as a means to operate a business, licensed or not, may be banned without notice or recourse per the opening paragraph of the Forum's Rules and Guidelines:

"Woody's Campfire Talk of Georgia Outdoor News Forums, hereinafter The Forum, is a private Forum. Membership in the Forum is a privilege granted solely and exclusively by the Forum. Privileges may be terminated at any time at the sole discretion of the Forum and without notice."



#1 - Thread authors are the only ones allowed to post in their threads. Each Swap and Sell listing must contain the details of the item for sale as well as a price. All correspondence regarding interest in an item can be handled via PM's, emails, or by telephone if the seller/trader wants to include a contact number.

#2 - There is 5 day re-post rule so make sure you honor this rule or you may find your thread deleted completely and you have been issued a rule violation infraction. In addition, effective 12 February 2010, you are limited to one thread per day in this forum and you are further limited to advertising only one gun per thread. The exception to this rule is if you desire to trade two or more guns for one. etc. You must specifically state the guns you wish to trade as well as the gun you wish to trade for.

If you are selling a gun and post a picture of the gun, do not post pictures that show other guns in the picture other than the gun being sold.

You are further limited to a maximum of 5 threads per day in all Swap & Sell forums combined.

#3 - When your item has been sold or taken off the market make an additional post in your thread stating so to notify members the item is SOLD or No Longer Available (NLA). Once done CLOSE the thread (see instructions below on how to close your threads).

#4 - Spamming the forums with a multitude of items is prohibited. Please limit your threads to sale or trade of items to a maximum of five (5) per day for all categories of Swap and Sell forums.

#5 - All items or lots of items must include a price unless it is an OUTRIGHT trade. If it is a trade, specify what you want to trade for. Any for sale thread containing an item without a price may be deleted without prior warning and without further explanation. Feel free to add "OBO" or "negotiable" to your listed price. Auctions are strictly prohibited.

#6 - ONLY ONE forum category for your thread for a given item(s). Please select the most appropriate forum category for your ad. Posting a link to your S & S thread in other forums is not permitted. If you you post in the wrong forum send a moderator a PM asking for it to be moved to the proper forum.

#7 - If you have comments about a seller or his/her items use the iTrader Feedback feature, PM's, or emails and DO NOT do so on the open forums.

We currently allow ads in four other forums outside of the Swap and Sell forums where members can swap and sell items related to those specific forums. Those forums are:
(1) Gun Dogs and Pets and Animals for Free or for Sale
(2) Turkey Talk and Custom Turkey Calls
(3) Traditional Archery
(4) Hobbies, Crafts and HomeBrew Discussions
Note: If trading in any of these four forums both the item(s) for trade and the item(s) sought must be specific to the forum your ad is placed in.

8. You may not sell reloaded ammunition on this message board.

9. You may not link your ad to other websites.

10. You may not delete the content of your ad when sold. You may delete the thread if you decide not to sell your item.

11. Any "WTB" threads posted in this forum will be deleted. Repeated violations of this rule will result in moderation action against the offending member.

12. No "linkbacks". Members determined to have posted a link back to their swap and sell ad from any other websites such as other forums, Craigslist and similiar sites, etc., will have their membership to this forum immediately revoked.

Helpful Tips:

All threads are sorted in the order of the original thread start date. If your thread is MORE than 5 days old feel free to CLOSE your original thread and repost. Make sure to close the original thread when doing so.

Closing a thread: While viewing your post click on "Thread Tools" and choose "Close Thread" then "Save Changes".

The easiest way to copy a thread and repost it is to go to the original thread and click on EDIT at the bottom right of the post. You will get the normal white edit box with your post in it. COPY all of that info by clicking somewhere inside the white box where your text is and hitting "CONTROL A" (select all) and then "CONTROL C" (copy selected text). Close that window and go start your new thread and when you get to the body of the text and are ready to start typing hit "CONTROL V" (paste) and all your words from your original post will magically appear. Finish up by uploading any photos.

The photo tips are posted here http://forum.gon.com/showthread.php?t=22159 if you need information on how to post a picture in your ad or to re-size a photo, please see the link provided.

If your photos are hosted at photobucket and embedded here you can copy everything and paste it in the new thread and the photos go with it automatically so you will not need to upload them.

We get many requests from both sellers and buyers for users to have a location listed in the thread and/or in their profile. We do not ask or recommend that exact locations or personal info be posted, just something to give interested members a reference to work from other than just Georgia.

Buyer and Seller Beware!

It is the responsibility of the buyer and seller to make sure there is a clear understanding of the transaction including the item for sale, its' condition, the agreed upon price, method of payment (cash, check, money order, Paypal, etc.), method of delivery (Face to Face, UPS, USPS, etc.), as well as the time, date and location of the meet and the terms of how the transfer of payment and the item will occur (Cash Before Delivery, Cash On Delivery, etc.) to complete the transaction.

Failure to complete the transaction is a matter strictly between the buyer and seller. Neither this message board nor its' Administrators and/or Moderators are obligated to intercede or play any part in the transaction including any adverse itrader rating arising out of a failure to complete the transaction.

If either the buyer or seller have reservations or a change of mind about the transaction, be courteous to one another and inform the other person involved of the change prior to the meet.
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