Sweetwater Creek @ Riverstone Parkway

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In my early teens, (late '70s) we used to drive down Lower River Road in Douglas County, then make a right on a side street, park, then walk down and cross (coolers, beer and all) Sweetwater Creek to a small cove where we would catch crappie by the dozens.
I was able to find the area a few weeks ago, but not sure the creek would be worth walking that far to see if there's any crappie in there anymore. Any thoughts?
Try that now and some fat bellied cop with a HUGE gun will show up and tell you "Move on boy..we (who is "we"..?) don't allow none of that fishin' stuff around here. By the way, boy, you got any drugs in that car? I wanta' see in that trunk...you got any weapons? Lemme see your drivers license too".
Alas, how the simplicity of just trying to fish and enjoy yourself has gone to pot.