SXS -- What to buy?

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I posted this in the everything motorized forum without much traction as it doesn't get the views this forum does. The SXS I'm going to buy will be used out in the rice fields so anything that can handle that can do my club back home. Below is a copy of my other post that I'll remove.


So I intend to buy a SXS this year and want some input. I am a big fan of the Japanese brands but wanted to know about people's experiences with other brands. I'm looking at the Honda Pioneer hardest and maybe settling with the 500 because I have an infant and don't need the 4 seater but I do like the 700-4 if I did get 4 seats, not too sure about the 3 speeds on the 700. I haven't heard why they did that. I'm considering Honda or Yamaha the most and really don't think the Polaris is for me with what I hear. I see a lot of guys have them so I'm open to hearing why I should consider a Ranger. I'll be upgrading from a 2wd 4 wheeler so I'm not so sure I need anything bigger than the 500 series size model from any brand. I'll probably be selling what I buy this year in 4 or 5 years to upgrade.

My FIL has a 4wd Cub Cadet 550 with the good accessories like a winch, rooftop, windshield for like $8,500 out the door. I don't think I could get that with Honda or Yamaha, more like $10k+. He however does not ride it like I'll be riding mine. We have mudholes on the hunt club and ride rice fields in Arkansas or Missouri. I'm not looking to go mudding on purpose/fun but we do it as a requirement for hunting the places I do. Do most of the 4wd SXS ride pretty good through mud as long as you have sufficient tires? Any brands to avoid? Sorry if this thread has been done but I didn't find much in my search.

Also looking for info on best places to buy and time of year to buy, I'll be buying new and paying cash.

Here's what I need:

- 4wd
- roof
- windshield
- seatbelt and road legal lights
- back bed but doesn't have to dump

Thanks in advance for all your help. If there is something on my list above I need to add I am all ears. Post some pics of your rig if you want as well, I'd like to see what everyone runs with out there.