T.P.'s 5th Annual Food Plot Prep Picture Thread

LOL, This year, in my "annual" mix, I am going with Frosty Berseem (Trifolium alexandrinum annual, to replace crimson), Advantage Ladino (perennial) and Medium Red (biennial). I probably have enough reseeding crimson clover in the ground, that I will see lots of that come back, as well. Just stealing some info from Whitetail Institute, to help make my annual plots more attractive and allows me to convert them over to "perennial" plots, in a "plot rotation", I'm trying to get to.

It will be oats this year, along with radishes, PT Turnips and Dwarf Essex Rape ... just a little of those.

The deer are enjoying the Advantage Ladino clover I planted last year, so, it's a keeper.



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quick question but if im reading this correctly you are only getting an actual 2.24 lbs of germinated clover from this 4lb bag. If the application rate is say, 4lbs per acre, you would need to bout double the app rate. is this correct and how you go about it?
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You are absolutely correct! So in that 4 lb bag, there is 1.362 lbs of inert material. Then there is only an 85 % germination rate, so that brings everything down to 2.24 lbs of pure live seed ((4-1.362) x .85 = 2.24 lbs)

All the recommended application rates are for PLS (pure live seed), so, it's important to read the label, when you buy your seed.

Me, I am buying 375 lbs of clover this year (almost all for me) and will mix up my own, once I've had a chance to read the labels and adjust my spreader!

The coating in most cases is your inoculant + a lime coating.


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Watched the vids...Glad youll post this stuff. My clover looked real goo in June...looks pretty sparse now. I have been fighting weeds and learning when to fertilize and spray. Questions? My understanding is clover should be fertilized 2 times per year...Is Jan and July the best times? #2- I have not been getting good coverage on my spraying...I have slowed down my speed and upped my dispersion amounts. This is for clethodim and the broadleaf weed killers. I think I have my ratios pretty close now. How many times should I have to spray or when is the best times or can you overspray clover??
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I'd take another soil test and make sure your ph is above 6 and your Potassium and Phosphorous is where it should be. If they are low, then add more lime and 0-20-20.

What type of clover did you plant?

The best time to fertilize is in October, so we're getting close.

Did your clover suffer from too much heat and not enough water, this summer? Under those conditions, a perennial white clover can show signs of stress and allow more weeds and grasses to grow.

It's pretty important to get your sprayer calibrated, so you know just how much herbicide you're applying. The simplest way is to measure off an acre, fill your tank with a known amount of water, run over that acre, with a "known" pressure on the gage and at a set speed, like 10 mph. Measure the amount of water that is left and you'll know how many gallons per acre of water you apply.

In my case, traveling at 7 mph, at 30 psi, I put down 17 gallons per acre. If I put 10 ounces of Clethodim and 1 quart of crop oil, in that 17 gallons, I know I am applying the right amount.

For broadleaf weed killers, make sure you're using 2,4-db. A lot of other weed killers can stress or kill the clover. Always spray the clover when it needs it, but when it's growing nicely, with lots of moisture in the ground. Always read the label, since, with some herbicides, temperature plays a role when when it should be sprayed. Spraying in the cool of the morning, with no wind, is always a good time.

Hope that helps?
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Also, you can always overseed more clover this fall, as well, to help thicken up your stand. A nice thick stand of anything, is good weed control, in and of itself!

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Thanks Canuck, I was hoping you would chime in. I do soil samples every Jan. I planted a mix of Durana, crimson, red and another white. I started not using enough Clethodim per acre. I corrected that but my tractor/sprayer is 12” wide but I have to go slower and i try to put 20 gal water with my mix. I think I have that pretty close now. I do use 24db. I have just had a hard time getting a lush stand. Ill keep working on it.
Well after a long weekend and my pto spreader going out I got them all planted before the rain, Got 2.5 acres worth put in the ground. This is the most effort I’ve ever put into plots with a lot of advice and help from everyone here. Hoping it all pays off.


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Got 12 acres put in the last 3 days. Left clover strips, as a back up plan, in case of drought. Planted into moisture, but looks like another dry week coming up. Condo 9-29-2018.jpg
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Everything got a mix of oats and soybeans (Thanks again Cal! :)) and lastly, Frosty Berseem, Advantage Ladino and medium Red Clover, with daikon radishes and purple top turnips.
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My father in law and I finished ours up today as well. Mix of wheat, oats, crimson, yuchi and medium red clover, as well as turnips, rape and radishes.

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Done here as well except for overseeding perennial clover plots mid October. Planted this past week with all of the rain in the forecast. Didn't work out too well with the forecast. 0.40" of rain since last Monday. Glad to say we do have germination.

On another note...Now that feeding/baiting is legal in the northern zone, just curious how many have corn out? We haven't fed any this year and as of now, don't plan to corn em during the season. I have enough issues with pigs and feel like putting out corn will only attract more. Plus...just can't bring myself to wanna shoot a deer coming to a corn pile in front of me. Don't mind at all shooting them in or around a food plot. Maybe I have "issues".
Used to always just spread fertilizer and plant (with no soil samples) and had good results with the usual wheat, oats, rye, radishes, etc in the fall and always planted soybeans, peas, and sunn hemp in the spring. Three years ago i finally took soil samples and started trying to get the ph right to try a clover plot. After 3 years of putting out lime and taking samples i had ph of a 5.2 in the spring and put out more lime. Took more samples in late august and it is only at 5.7. Mowed down what was left of the Sunn Hemp first week in September, sprayed roundup the next week to kill it all, and waited till today to harrow and plant. Harrowed plot, spread recommended fertilizer and added another 200 lbs of lime (its only a 1/3 acre plot), harrowed again, spread forage oats, lightly harrowed it in, drug the plot with a drag harrow, and spread WTI clover on top. Will see how it does. May spread some Durana later if needed. Planted a little early but the rain hit just right this week and had great moisture. To top it off it got a light sprinkle today after i finished. Maybe it'll work out.


Woot! Woot! Woot! :banana::banana::banana::fine::fine::fine:

The results speak for themselves. Planted these two weeks ago. Top dressed a couple of them with Duranna clover Friday. I've never had them do this well this fast.





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Those look fantastic elfiii. Planted same time as you but just a sprinkle of rain. Germination has occurred but still looks like a desert for the most part. Rain and cooler temps in the forecast this coming week so hopefully we'll have major green up by next weekend.


Planted last week, oats and wheat are up but need rain. Question, I did not get to plant my clover, so if we have rain coming this week will it germinate if I just overseed the clover seed without dragging it in? Got frosty berseem, yucchi, and some durana.