T.P.'s 5th Annual Food Plot Prep Picture Thread


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It should do just fine. The rain will assure good seed to soil contact as well as providing the moisture the seeds need to get on with their business. Go for it.


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Planted last week, oats and wheat are up but need rain. Question, I did not get to plant my clover, so if we have rain coming this week will it germinate if I just overseed the clover seed without dragging it in? Got frosty berseem, yucchi, and some durana.
Yes just overseed the clover. With the rain it will get good soil contact.
Those look great! The rain for us was the only thing good to come out of that hurricane.
Thanks. That's what I was thinking too. My aunt lives less than 3 miles behind Mexico beach. I was happy they survived that mess, although they have no trees left and not much house. Was a spooky few days waiting until they could contact us.