Tacoma vs Frontier

Toyota, the tacoma is the choice puckup in more countries than any other. I have had a Dodge Ram and loved it, I have had 2 Ford F150 and hated them, recurring rear end suspension and brake problems in both. I have had a Chev 1500 and hated it, electrical issues. I have had a Jeep Wrangler and loved it but it offered no protection for side impact. I had a Tundra and loved it, but I ended up with a Tacoma and will keep it till the wheels fall off, then I put new ones on. Get a Tacoma and you will love it forever.
Frontier all day long and twice on Sundays. Toyota is wayyyyyyyyyy overpriced, and not nearly as good quality and dependable as the Nissan. I just traded my last Frontier after 15 years and 300,000 miles. Never had a single problem with it past normal maintenance. I have never had a vehicle of any brand (and I've owned most,) that was 1/4 as reliable as that truck. The month before I traded it, I drove it on two 8-hour trips without a worry. Never used a drop of oil in all that time. Went like a goat in snow and offroad. Plenty of power for pulling boats, trailers, and such. I traded it in on a 2015 Frontier, and will keep buying them as long as they make them.


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I have owned 3 Tacomas, a 4 Runner, a Camry and an FJ Cruiser. All have been perfect. You will find a few Nissan guys here and there, but us Toyota guys bleed love for our Yoters for a reason.
I have owned 3 Tacomas, a 4 Runner, a Camry and an FJ Cruiser. All have been perfect. You will find a few Nissan guys here and there, but us Toyota guys bleed love for our Yoters for a reason.
Toyotas are good vehicles, no doubt. I've owned a couple myself. Like my Nissan better, though. :)


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Toyota no doubt

310,000 + on my 92. Still going strong. Had a Nissan before it, kept stripping front axles out 4 wheeling on the weekends.


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Had a 2007 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab 4WD manual transmission that I bought new and drove it daily.

It was a rock solid vehicle that performed really well for me.

I let it go to another owner 2 months ago and bought a new 2017 Tacoma Double Cab 4WD automatic. So far I am very, very happy with the Tacoma. Wasn't sure how I'd adapt to not shifting gears....I'm loving the auto thus far.


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2011 Nissan Frontier 92k miles.

Besides maintenance, I need a wheel bearing replaced and maybe the thermostat (heat won't work unless it is moving).

The Nissan Frontier is American-made (Canton, MS).

95g atl

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Regardless of reliability, both are claimed to be reliable, and opinions vary quite a bit..................
The tacoma will by far have better resale value...........


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I’ve owned both and both were 95’s and were equally rock solid reliable. I will say that I hate that Toyota doesn’t make a manual shift 4cyl anymore and Nissan makes one but only in 2wd. The days of the 4cyl manuals are going bye bye it seems.
Well thanks for the replies. Yes the newer big ones get about the same mpg, but I really want a stick shift and its almost imposable to find a full size with a standard transmission.
Actually Dodge Ram 2500s with the Cummins has standard as an option. I have owned three, all standards, on my third one now a 2010 and it is a 6spd standard. I purchased it new, it has over 200k, many of which are "hard" miles on it with no issues.


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Drive a Nissan Pro 4X, more truck than I need but it makes me smile every time I ask it to do something a little extra. I save probably 10K over the like Toyota which is a great vehicle.
As long as you don’t tow anything of any substance there probably isn’t any difference between the two worth fussing over. I own a Tacoma off road. My first mid size truck. I will go back to at least a half ton on my next truck.


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I have always had Tacomas and loved them. Just bought a new 2018 Frontier 4x4 Crew Cab though. I just cannot (will not) afford the price they now want for the Tacomas!! Good Lord! :eek:

Now.... I just hope the Nissan proves to be as good a truck as the Tacomas! Never let me down!! Time will tell!


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The 16 and up Tacomas with the 3.5 liter v6 are not the Toyota trucks of yore. Many issues with that motor. However I still wouldn't have a Frontier or a Titan. YMMV