Talbot County 2018

I'll be glad when it's over. It bothers me to be picking up shed antlers and season still be in.
After checking our cameras this past Saturday, we had several that had shed already too. Never been this early in years past. We ended up killing 1 buck and 4 does on 515 acres.


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Way back around New Year's 1990, I was hunting with friends off Po Biddy road, a buck was shot for a doe because it had shed its antlers.


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Here is an article by Kip Adams that might help explain the earlier than usual antler shedding.
"In isolated incidents of early antler shedding, the bucks involved were probably injured during fall and cast their antlers early as a result. In situations where numerous bucks are involved or where bucks across several square miles cast their antlers early, nutritional stress, physical exhaustion from the rut, or a combination of the two are likely responsible. Nutritional stress can easily be confirmed or ruled out by assessing body weights, lactation status and/or kidney fat percentages from the does you harvested. This is one more reason to collect harvest data from every deer taken on the property you hunt and/or manage.
About the only bright side to early antler casting is it allows you to find sheds a little sooner!"


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Sunday night on 208/Buckner road area nearly had to come to a complete stop as a big 10 strolled across the road, then just stood on the shoulder of 208 giving me a real good look as I eased by.