Talking off warts


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I had a great aunt who was 1/4 Creek Indian if that matters, that got rid of my warts. She used the potato method. She cut the tater and rubbed it on my 4 warts then told me to go bury half of it by a grave and forget about it. Week or so later they were gone.
Also had a boss that ripped one off my hand. I prefer the tater method.
When I was a small boy, I had one pop up on my hand. An old lady rubbed some of her spit on it for about a minute. Several days later, wart was gone, and never had another. That was about 50 years ago.
when I was round 4 or 5 years old, I remember my mom taking me to an old woman who rubbed a wart on my hand, and gave me something to bury. I don't even remember what it was, but that wart went away, and I have had a few others, but they seem to go away on their own after a couple weeks


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I used the duct tape trick to get most of my hand warts. The laser at the dermatologist did the trick on a couple of stubborn ones.