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I wasn't sure where to post this so I opted for here.

Does anyone know of a taxidermist or someone else that tans skins?
Moyels mink and tannery. They do great work.
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Thank you both! I put a quick call into a couple of close places. Going to call Moyels next. I know its early still.

If anyone is on and knows the answer to this I appreciate the help. Would most places just want the hide or prefer to skin a racoon themselves? I know the guy I usually use for mounts says don't touch it all just freeze it for small game.

It was very cold last night so I am good for a bit longer but I have 2 coon I either need to freeze or get cleaned ASAP. Youngest decided he wanted authentic coonskin caps since I was going out.
Moyels is in Idaho and they will only take them skinned, fleshed, and dried. If you dont want to mess with it at all a taxidermist would probably be your best bet. But it would probably be cheaper to just buy an authentic skin cap from somewhere like fnt post. Hope this helps