TBG Banquet; August 11, in Griffin (New info at the end of the thread)

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Ya'll please plan to come.
This is our annual way to raise funds for our organization and to keep our Youth Archery Program supplied.
We are also getting a new set of Targets this year. :biggrin3:

2012 Traditional Bowhunters of Georgia
Date: August 11, 2012

Location: Ryan’s “Old Country Buffett”, in Griffin
1323 North Expressway
Griffin, Ga 30223
From I-75
Exit 205, Hwy 16
Go West thru Downtown Griffin, then take Hwy 19 & 41 North
About 2 miles on the left (just before WalMart)
Business Meeting 4pm Sharp
Donations accepted and Ticket Sells beginning at 4:45
Dinner anytime before 6 (Buffett)
Presentations and Raffle Beginning at 6:45

Admission: Pay for your Buffet, or Meal at Ryan’s and that is it.
(About $12.00 per person I believe).
Likely we will have to bring in the donated items thru the side door.
Pay for your meal, keep the receipt, then bring in your items. It will not be a good idea
To bring bows, guns, knives, sticks with sharp points and such thru the front door.

Ken Purdy, (call or text) 478-952-0610, or kenpurdy57@gmail.com
Jeff Hampton, (call or text) 404-630-9039, or pm Jake Allen


Jake Allen

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Our new set of targets;
TNGirl, aka Tomi, thru her persistance, politeness, and want to do good things for TBG, has arranged for our club to be able to
purchase one set of the targets that will be used this weekend in Clakesville, at the IBO World Championship.
These targets are available to us for about 30 cents on the dollar.
20, Super McKenzies, shot only one tournement, and from only one side.
We will be able to fill out our Youth Trailer with quality targets, and round out our set to be used for our Shoots next Year.

RogerB, and Necedah Dave, have graciously offered to haul these targets back to Georgia this Sunday afternoon.

Thank you! :cool:

(20 of these will be coming to Georgia this weekend).


Sounds good.

I'm still waiting for my membership packet, news letter, decocoder ring or what ever it is I am supposed to get after I joined back in May at the Coot's shoot. :whip:
Looking forward....and it's close to my house!!! And, Tony is bringing the youth trailer to Eagles Landing 1st Baptist Church this Saturday for our first "Archery Day" for our youth! Looking forward to both events!

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Sounds good.

I'm still waiting for my membership packet, news letter, decocoder ring or what ever it is I am supposed to get after I joined back in May at the Coot's shoot. :whip:
Glad you are planning to come!
Got you taken care of.


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Danggit gonna miss it again, got the Muzzy Stump Shoot in NY that weekend and have to get the children courses setup and run them. Guess I'll have to get Jeff to put some tickets in for me Ya'll have fun!


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That's a great idea!!! No overhead and a lot less work to get things set up. I put it on my calendar and we plan to be there.

Is that a Ryan's stake house/buffet?


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Is that a Ryan's stake house/buffet?
Yes it is.

Don't let this date slip by, folks. This is gonna be a great event.

The targets mentioned above and now in TBG possession, more or less. They are safe and resting comfortably in a trailer in Lawrenceville, GA for now. They look great. I have personally touched every one of them in the loading process and they are fine! I look forward to our first opportunity to shoot at them.


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Great prizes listed on the new thread!:yeah:
The raffle tickets will be on sale at the dinner I'm guessing?
I'm planning to pick some up.
Should be a good evening.


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Gonna miss this one. Hope it's a great turn out.
But Clay.....you don't have to be present to win. I will personally take responsiblitiy of anything you want that you see on the raffel thread. Just send me the money and what u want it on, I will get the prize to you if you win........:)

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Hotel Information

Hotel Information

Joe Coots has arranged a TBG discounted rate with the Days Inn just down the road from the Banquet.
$59.00 per night rate, versus $80.00 per. Just mention TBG when you call for a reservation. Sounds like a real good deal.
Thank you Joe.

Days Inn Griffin
1719 North Expresswy
Hwy 19 & 41
Griffin 30223

http://www.daysinn.com/hotels/hotel...&006=1501516633&009=e&011=days inn griffin ga

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First Blood Award

The First Annual, presentations of the "First Blood Award" at this years Banquet.
Tip of the hat to Melvin Edwards for the inspiration.

Basically, given to a TBG member as acknowledgement for their First kill with Traditional Archery Gear,
(Longbow, Recurve, Selfbow), of a Big Game species.

This year we have several recipients for firsts in 2011,
including Jason "Jayin-j" Holloway, Chris "Bam-Bam" Wilson, and Charlie "2 Arrow" Petrie for Deer.
Al33 Chapman and Martin "Buckbacks" Hubbard for Black Bear,
plus Charlie "Baldfish" Mitchell and yours truly for bleeding out a Wild Hog.

Congratulations all ya'll! Attached is a peek at the award. :clap: