TBG Potluck Supper at the State Shoot

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Jake Allen

At 7 pm this Saturday evening we will put food together and share at the State Shoot.
This is an annual tradition.
Please bring a dish, something to drink and a chair, and join us?
We will have tables set up at the registration area and will have plates, utensils and such.
Prayer of Thanks and 7, then we eat!
Looking forward to seeing you all!
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Jake Allen

and a fine chow line it was! Thanks very much to all of you who participated. Plenty of good food, plenty of good fellowship. This pic is while the line was still being filled out. That's is Dutchman pulling apart a pork roast he cooked in a camp oven. Fantastic. I was toward the back of the line, but went up the left side. Id id pretty good building a big plate.