TBG Spring Hunt


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Word is that Buck is cooking us all supper on Saturday evening. That would make it worth the trip from just about anywhere...


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Ken, I hope you do get in well before dark. Given how you feel about serpents, I'd hate it if you pitched your tent near a bed of them things...

As we go into the weekend I want to wish you and your families a Happy Easter. I wanted to drop you a reminder about next weeks hunt. Some will be there all week, Three of us that I know of will be arriving midday Wednesday(including me). The long range forecast is calling for some chance of possible showers Friday and Saturday- be prepared. I will have a map at camp with all the road closings and where the ferry will be. That's right I said ferry. If the river gets up the main slough thru the WMA rises and they close all crossings for safety- it runs over the roads. I will have a 14 ft canoe with paddles and life jackets set up with ropes so no matter which side you are on you can get the canoe to your side. This will allow access to thousands of acres of river bottom.

Saturday night TBG will be providing supper. The menu will be as follows (in case you don't like you can be prepared to cook your own):

Cabbage, potato and kielbasa soup
dutch oven peach cobbler
supply your own drinks.

Remember there are bathhouses with showers so bring toiletries and towels.

See you there.