Team 10 "Wild Turkey Fanatics"

well i got another bonus bird so i am done might be an 8pt bird will post pics later.wasnt having any luck on rileys hunt so we went to different wma an i got lucky


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Set my camera out on the edge of a field where I saw some new tracks but I only got a coyote pic so far. Hopefully I will have some pics when I check it tonight.
well went bac to roost one an didnt hear a thing so we might go to a wma next week if it dries out some. we held onto the lead thanks to chobrown an he is the top hunter for now just hope we can keep it up
went out this afternoon didnt hear or see one but stayed till dark an had him gobble at an owl call got to be at fire dept in the am might go see if he will gobble in the morning

Johnny 71

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Shot at a good one, some how missed him, this is our first week end without a frost, I think it'll pick up from here, congrats to both of y'all for holding the top spot two weeks in a row
well was looking at the game check an there has only been 12 birds taken on chickasaw so heading there in the am with a buddy of mine to see if we can get him one.chobrown u need to get us a good wild card bird


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Im working on it!!! Hope to get on one this weekend
well we came close but tom would not come out of the road he finally walk off right up the road an by the truck got to be at fire dept in the am so will be bac after them sat
well looks like rain coming so we going to wait an try them in the am i guess just hope there is not alot of folks at the wma hav u been hearing or seeing any johnny