Team 5 "Waddle Whackers"

They had a great day in the woods today , my daughter was texting me at 730 this morning telling me how many they were hearing, she said at least 5 , they got one interested and he came in but she couldn't get a shot in thick 10 yr old planted pines , they gonna try again in the morning
Glad to hear they had a good time!
Saturday morning We had another club member at our desired starting place so we went to the other end of the property. Didn't hear a single gobble all morning. About 11 o'clock I got a hen fired up and she came in with a gobbler in tow. The hen busted us around 60 yards out and that ended our hunt. Wasn't able to Hunt anymore this weekend.
Is it Saturday yet ?????
This week's moving sloooow.

A lot going on out at Soggy Bottom. They been pushing back undergrowth around the edges of the fields with an excavator. They also harrowing the fields this week. I think they planting peanuts.

Not seeing sign I normally see this time of year around the fields. They usually strutting and dragging their wings on the sand road and field edges headed towards the opener. Also always seeing them out in the fields. With all that's going on I don't expect to see too much activity. But they gobblin back in the swamp.

Thinking I'll be deep in swamp Saturday morning (gotta remember permethrin spray on leafy suit and fresh pad n butane on Thermacell).

I imagine it'll settle down in a week or two. If not I'll be in hardwood bottoms at another location (actually won't take me a week or two to figure that out).

Been out in workshop loading more TSS shells tonite. Think I finally got the right choke (Tightwad) for my 20 gauge 870. Hawglips also helped me with a couple of adjustments to how I was loading them sporty bullets. Had 307 pellets in a 10" circle at 35 yards on my last shot with my 870 20 gauge on Sunday. If I can actually find a bird and somehow get him within 35 yards I think the TSS will do the job.

Just counting the days...
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Good luck to y'all in the morning, I'll have a 12 yr old in tow til she gets 1 , but don't worry I'll do my part of waddle whacking , have fun and stay safe , looking forward to seeing y'all's pictures in the morning!
Would love to hear the story! I got skunked. Heavy rain consistently all morning. Managed to call in a bearded hen. Natalie had better luck with my dad at his club in the next county over:cool:
Honestly wasn't very optimistic driving out this morning. They've been pushing back edges of fields with an excavator for last 2 weeks. Always have seen birds in the fields. Hadn't been seeing any. Been very little gobbling going on out there when I've checked. Honestly thought about not going out there today, but figured with the rain coming in maybe, just maybe, they'd be out in the field. :crazy:

I was dead wrong about the excavator messing the birds up.

I was settled on edge of field, with plans to hit the swamp pretty early if nothing was happening on "high ground". Were 4 birds gobbling at first light. Those birds henned up pretty quickly, except one way back in the swamp. He was fired up. Was sure tempted to head after him, but I knew birds were in the field. Had to keep reminding myself that more birds are killed with patience than anything else.

Actually had a hen fly down around 7:20 and landed about 25 yards out. Had hoped a gobbler would be close behind, but wasn't.

First bird I shot started gobbling around 9:30. I hadn't heard him all morning. I'm guessing he henned up at first light. I was sitting on edge of a big field in some of the rubble from the field clean up.

I watched him a long time as he strutted n gobbled across the field to my little place - probably 150-175 yards. These are some beautiful creatures.

Had seen the second bird I shot fly down pretty good ways away this morning at 7:20 (pretty sure was same bird). Had assumed he'd henned up immediately as well. Didn't hear him again for a really long time. After killed the first bird I almost headed to the swamp where a bird had been hammering all morning, but with the rain I figured the birds would be coming out in the field.

When bird 2 finished with his daylight sweetie he came to see me. Was mighty glad to hear him light up. This bird was pretty close when he gobbled in response to light yelp and purring. Very gentle calling this morning. Primarily with a Pecker Wrecker slate (some with Crystal Mistress). Bird passed in front of me in the tall grass of the field probably 80 yards out. Walked about 30 or 40 yards past me and then came back to me. He popped out of the grass on the little sand road. He stuck his head out at 37 steps.

Little over a 10" beard on the second bird.

Spurs 1" (no bonus points there).

That TSS is some bad stuff (34 yards on the first bird and 37 on the second. Flipped both of them over backwards - DRT).

I'm headed to catch some trouts n reds next weekend, so Im 'glad to at least get on the board.
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Heck yeah I'm glad someone got it done , it's nasty weather where I'm at , we didn't hear any on roost did get 1 to gobble at 9:00 but he wasn't interested, let us see some pictures!!!!
My first time in the challenge, so don't know much about the strategy.

Y'all let me know if you want me to post either or both of these on the kill thread.

First bird was 9 5/8" beard. No bonus there (sure thought he'd go 10 when I squeezed the trigger). No bonus on spurs.

Second bird had 1" spurs and 10+ inch beard. Get one bonus point on the beard.

Total of 11 points.

Whatcha think? Either, neither or both?