Team 9 "Turkey Slayers" and Kmac

No sir, i brought the #4's this morning. He'll make the 10 inch mark with the beard, but his spurs wont barely be over the inch line, they are sharp though.

Y'all let me know what to do with him.
I want to apologize if we don't get bonus points for my last bird, i should have taken a better pic showing that his beard does easily exceed the 10" mark.


Patrolling The Halls At Night
It will be ok I was going to take off Friday. But again work canceled it. I have yet to hunt.
Good job critter!
I'm tagged out this morning on public land. there was a giant bird with him, but he stepped into The Laurels, and I shot the next head that popped up. He's a two-year-old.
Thanks guys, I just really wish I had got the BONUS stud bird that was with this one. It almost doesn't feel right to be tagged out.


Patrolling The Halls At Night
Yesterday morning heard 0. It was wind and nasty.
This morning looks nice. Later