Team 9


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I'M READY!:shoot:
Well I'm not going to help out opening weekend just got scheduled fri-sun, just wonderful, sorry guys I'll be out tuesday morning for sure. Good luck to ya!


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David, remember not to end your season on opening day this

Benji, bring in them Gobblers I know you have around where you hunt.

Bucky T, you kill a bunch too cause we are on the same team across the creek.

Knowing what I know about this team, yall have as good a chance as any. Good Luck Guys, Tim

G Duck

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Tim, I will try to make it last longer than 30 minutes this season. ::;
Enjoyed huntin on the team with you last year, Stay safe, and Good luck to you also!

G Duck

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I may not be able to help much on opening day. Going to be in Milledgeville with the Inlaws. I have a small piece to hunt, but not too encouraged. I will give it a try though, then back on my home turf next week.


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I got my fingers crossed them morgan county birds do has been very quiet.good luck to ya'll.
I'm here...just haven't been able to post up. Hunting Stephens/Banks/Franklin/Habersham Counties. I'll be in Stephens on opening morning. Good luck all!!!

I like the name Team Gobbler Knockers...if you still need one :bounce:
sitting here still working, how did you guys do, i'll be out tuesday, heard from guys on next property saying they are henned up, hope that changes soon. Good luck !

Bucky T

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I rolled one Saturday morning. 2yr old bird. 9.5" beard, 18lbs, longest spur was an inch on the nose.

Had a tree jump in front of a longbeard yesterday morning.... :p He got away.

Good weekend! Lot of birds gobbling and a couple wanted to cooperate.
Only got to go Sat. morning...heard nothing, saw nothing. It was new land, so I'll try it again in a couple of weeks. I'm heading to my main attraction next week, so maybe I'll be posting some pics!

Bucky T

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Bird # 2

Rolled another gobbler around 11am today. Able to sneak away from work for a little while.

It's going on guys. Get out there when you can get a chance!

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Called one up for a buddys son Sat. in Screven county also. River is up down here, gonna go Thurs. and Sat. will have to put the boat in.