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Sandbagger. You don't need any pointers.
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I still haven't missed an afternoon. Its just a matter of time boys.
Looks like I can focus back on the 10 now

The High 8 is still hanging around and his friends have shown back up. The 10pt thats been gone a month and a 8pt buck i call Broken beauty. They have plenty of food and ladys so it should be an exciting next few weeks.:cheers: High 8 close up.jpg

Big 10.jpg

Big 10 pic 2.jpg

Broken 8.jpg

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good luck with them. They are hanging in there a while too. I know where Id be the next few mornings. Ive got a pretty good 9 thats got me pulling my hair out. what little I have left anyways. If he don't slip up soon I'll send kelly in after him with the rifle.
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Don't you dare put the BiPolar to that 8. :bounce: We need that 10 buddy. Remember, ten we win and tens your friend. :cheers: :flag:
I've only missed one afternoon so far. I'm looking to upgrade soon. :whip:
Don't worry Lee Im focused on the ten! Good luck Josh I hope you get the one your after. You know last season in mid Oct I had 4 mounters come out all running together still in the summer pattern and everyone acted like I was crazy. This is pic proof the bucks on my property are very social and hang together most of the year.
Ol hard headed Doe!

This doe has busted me three times already this year. Today she comes slipping in about 6pm looking for me in the tree. After doing a 20min stare down she finally walks up to 15yrds starts stomping turns and bounces off to about 25yrds stops and looks back at me. The 125gr Bipolar was already on the way! She ran about 40yrds and folded up. I've been trying to work with her the last few weeks but she was just to hard headed. Now shes gonna be something tasty on my grill.:shoot: GEDC0956.jpg

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Good job boys ! Remember the bird in hand saying. " Were the 1st team to limit". .....Now lets upgrade !

I came sooooo close yesterday. :bounce:
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The 1st upgrade is on the tailgate. :cool: Its Todd and I's time now.
I'm headed to the thickets and trying Tim's rattling rack on the string trick. Hope this wind dies down soon ?
After checking my trail cam I went in and pulled that camera tonight. (In the dark.) I'm not sure it would've been there tomorrow ?
Looks like indecision on his mind ? Im proud of him, he didn't take it. That 8 pt I passed is getting hard to resist. It has a few kickers but I'm not sure its an upgrade. The brows even worry me ?



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1 hour later the deer is there. His brows are weak. Ask the young man if he knows of another spot.


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Lee everyone was there except you. LOL.
They gonna place with three dinks. I guess we are lose because we ain't shootin Dinks lol. Chew on that one Lee Lee boom
I'm hearing through the grapevine that dinks won't score well next year. Anybody can shoot a dadgum dink. :D
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OK cry baby's, your getting my monitor so wet, its liable to short out. :cry: :cry: :cry:
Save it, Todd and I will upgrade soon and you'll have something to cry about.

Dad gum it boys, after all these years and you still haven't learned how to play this game. At least your good at one thing. ...Losing ! :rofl: