team death from above

He is a 13 point now was a 14 he broke off a point on his right brow tine but he has a small kicker that i didn't know was there till I ground checked him. Hes gonna score around 141 or so both in the contest and B&C.
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Based on the buck scores. you guys are in the drivers seat as long as you can put down some does which shouldn't be a problem.
Thanks it really has been a great season. Now what will I do for the next 2 months?? Might have to start back fishing .........NA! I got a couple more does left to put in the freezer!


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I wouldn't get your hopes up. I doubt Team City Slickers is finished. Where they're hunting, there's a doe behind every tree.
Our only chance is one of them to get put in jail. Better hope it ain't CJ. :rofl:
We're hoping for that 2nd spot but could be knocked back farther ? :huh: