Tell me or show me your varmit rifle


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One that you have complete confidence in. I don't get caught up in rifle makes or calibers. If the rifle can deliver a bullet of sufficient energy into the kill zone, it will do the job.

As for me, that rifle is an old heavy barreled Ruger M77V with tang safety, chambered in 22-250 topped with a Leupold 6.5x-20x scope, shooting 55 grain Sierra Blitzking bullets I handload.
My go to coyote gun is my 22-250. I use hand loaded 50 grain Barns TSX. I am good to 300. Have a big Tasco with turrets. Use a long bipod that allows me to sit against a tree


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Mine has a Colt lower with a Geissele SSA-E trigger and a White Oak Armament Varmint 18" Upper with 1 in 7" twist. It consistently shoots 10 shots in less than 1/2" at 100 yds. On top it has a Bushnell AR/223 tactical 4.5-18x40 mm scope with Warne High QD rings. It is a tack driver. I also put a Custom Turret Label on the elevation turret which is calibrated for 65 grain HPBT Sierra Game Kings.



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I have an old Rem. 700 BDL (1972) in 6 mm Rem. with Leupold 4-12 VX-2. This rifle covers everything. I use an 85 gr Sierra BTHP. It shoots a dime size group at 200 yds. I glass bedded the barrel and action. I have taken yotes, deer and hogs all in the same day on the same stand.
I shot a Remington 700VS chambered in 220 swift topped with a Springfield Armory 4X14 scope until last Saturday. Left it on the hood of the truck drove off and it hit the asphalt. A very sad and tragic day in the guns life. Its at the gunsmiths now repairs will consist of
1. A new Leopold 6.5X20X50
2. Tactical bolt knob
3. barrel will be cut and recrowned

I hope it will shoot as well or better than it did. I'll post pics later if I can figure out how to get them out of my I phone


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AR Performance 6.8 SPC II AR-15 with a Pulsar Trail XQ30 thermal weapon sight with a Thunderbeast Ultra 9 suppressor
My objective is to shoot coyotes and feral hogs. I plan to use a Century Arms C39, V2, AK, 7.62mm x 39, using a Burris Predator Quest scope, 4.5 x 14x, 42mm, with the Ballistic Plex E Reticle. I can also use my M1 Carbine, 30 cal. with iron sights. The AK probably packs a bigger punch. Not sure how effective the M1 would be on a very large hog. Any opinions on the effectiveness of either rifle?
I just picked up my new predator rifle, to be mainly for coyotes. Its a Model Seven Predator in .243 with camo synthetic stock, action and barrel. Barrel is medium weight, 22" and fluted.

I'll be using a Vortex Diamondback HP in 2-8×32 with side focus on top.